WOW, What a week!

I thought about sitting down and writing this a few times this week.  Of course exhaustion sets in the moment I sit down and this goes by the wayside.

It's Sunday evening, and we have been open for just over a week. 

And we have hit a few big speed bumps, but are getting things ironed out.  We have been so thankful for everyone who has been patient with us, and who have come back again (and maybe again, and even again!!)  We feel like a week in we already have some regulars and love seeing people come back.

Highlights:  St Patricks Day with Billy White was a blast!  The place was packed and we were so happy that Billy stayed and played until after midnight!!   We have finally gotten the technology glitches settled - not perfect but certainly much improved.  I LOVE watching people play games while they wait for their meals and think its wonderful to see so many familiar faces come through the doors.

We have, this week, had some issues with needing to get smoother in the kitchen - so people have waited longer than we would like for their food.  The food they make is delicious and it would surprise me if someone left hungry.

What I have learned - a restaurant can go from having all empty tables to not having an available seat in the house VERY quickly.  Especially Sunday after church, and this week Thursday evening and Sunday evening.  I still have not learned how to run the dishwasher but I have served a few tables and done the hostess thing pretty well.

I have learned that scheduling is a very complicated puzzle. 

Through it all so far this week I have also learned that I can be incredibly proud of food I didn't cook and people I didn't know just over a week ago.  That I can feel happy and excited to walk out of one job and head up to Souris to see how the day went, what's new and exciting and I'm looking forward to becoming a part of the Souris community....even if I live in Montague.

We are working hard on the things we need to fix.  And we are SO thankful when people come and tell us their concerns or message us on Facebook.  We know that we are not perfect and there is room for improvement. 

But today I am just so proud of how much we have accomplished in such a short period of time!  And so amazed at how the staff we have hired have come together as a group, and taken ownership of our little spot.

We look forward to serving you soon - either for the first time or to welcome you back.

Cheers - Linda