We've talked about how this is new to me right?!?  And how it's an eye opening process....Well, the list of things that needed to be checked off are going gangbusters.  

In fact... staff is hired (and they are going to be amazing, looking forward to introducing them to you) beer is in the fridge, draft is on tap and there is food in the building....and we are waiting.

When we changed the POS system we need the printers to hook up to the internet router.  So we need the expansion port changed on the printers from a serial port to an ethernet cable.

But no one on PEI carries the expansion port.  So ordered them from amazon, express shipping and they were to arrive March 6  - notice I said they were to arrive, as it goes .... it got delayed.  They're somewhere in a Toronto shipping facility post customs but ... not on PEI.

So we called a company in Mississauga that could overnight fedex them to us yesterday so we could get them hooked up and . . . . they didn't get shipped.  Someone somewhere forgot to send them.

Le Sigh.

So.  We need this printer part.  Then we need to hook up our printers and pray that it works.  That evening we will train our amazing staff on the POS system and cooking the menu... (one evening) and then we can open.  And at this rate we open with old fashioned pen and paper.

We are sincerely hoping that we will be able to do this for the weekend.  As the days pass without the part it is not looking as promising.  

In the meantime - we are chomping at the bit just as much as you are.  

I promise it will be worth the wait.

AND Next Friday - join us for St. Patrick's Day - our first big event!!!  Billy White will be playing and there will be green beer and corned beef and cabbage for a special.


Cheers - Linda