So you know a little about Darin, because of the "About" page. What you don't know is that he would eat breakfast for every meal, loves a good steak and lives for the Patriots and a good hard rock concert!

His family has deep island roots and while he qualifies as "from away" he certainly doesn't have any plans to call anywhere else home.

In fact, until he met Linda he had gone from Charlottetown to Boston a few times, hit up some concerts in Bangor and once went to Florida but otherwise, he is an island boy through and through.

I (Linda) on the other hand am absolutely from away.  I was born in Pictou County, but my Mom spent all her summers on PEI in and around Kings County(her Dad was a Hughes, born in Riverton) but I didn't start calling PEI home until 2013.

I've lived, well, everywhere. And worked as a nurse in Toronto, Nunavut, and Ottawa before moving to Montague to work as a Nurse Practitioner. Which, for the record, I will continue to do for a very long time.   I absolutely love my job as an NP here and despite partnering up with Darin to start this venture.... I have no intention of giving up my day job!

I also have grand plans to drag Darin around the world - I have things to see and food to try!!  Don't get me wrong,  I love the food we serve. But I also love home cooked foods from different cultures. I have been pleasantly surprised at the diverse offerings we have available to us on PEI.

We are very pleased with the progress getting ready to open - there have been some minor bumps in the road but we have a core staff hired,  renovations are almost done, and inspections are underway. 

Now....onto solidifying the menu

See you soon.
Cheers - Linda