Yay...a moment to catch my breath.

Burger love has been going well but in truth I haven't had much time to catch my breath over the last week!

The gunslinger is going over well and the combination of our fantastic 5 oz burger and the crunch of the crispy jalapenos and onions with some smoky bbq and a little horseradish kick makes this burger one not to miss!

I am amazed at how many different people come by to try Burger Love and am happy we are part of the competition.  I am equally amazed by the number of people who have come to support us every week and it is wonderful to have familiar faces already!


Last weekend was the Marshall Eastman Tournament and we were happy to host a great group of people Friday night.  Of course, as it goes, with people and alcohol there was an incident... but nothing that wasn't remedied quickly and no lasting damage done.  We will be happy to have everyone from the tournament again next year.

This weekend there is a Bonspiel in Souris and we are excited to welcome anyone post curling to come and have a meal or a drink with us!

We have finally gotten our staff uniforms - so you should see our servers and kitchen staff decked out in some Lot 45 swag.  We got lots of compliments on them and have been asked if we will be selling merchandise.  We are putting another order in soon and so we will have some shirts and hats available for sale in the coming months! 

I did take a number of photos last weekend of everyone in their swag but I haven't had time to upload them yet.  Keep an eye over the coming weeks

Have a great weekend.  Rainy as it may be the sun is coming and with it... so will days at the beach and sand in your toes :)

Cheers - Linda