Well.....The first weekend is under our belt.  We opened quietly on Friday morning, then rapidly decided to be less quiet about it.  Our night ended with some of of the local fellas having a little XBox competition!

Saturday brought round a whole new crop of friendly faces, and a few people we'd seen already!  Love having people come in, play connect four over a shipwheel platter and a few drinks. 

Sunday, well, Sunday was interesting.  I mean ok, I know it's still Sunday but I'm sitting home with a glass of wine to unwind before my regular gig, so Sunday is over for me.  

Today was probably the coldest day on record this year and this morning..... no furnace.  And it was not warm in there.  The kitchen staff were cold standing in front of a wall of propane appliances cooking breakfast for 80.  Thankfully one of our new regulars is also our plumber and so.... he stopped by (thanks to Chad at Prompt Plumbing) But... bleeding the lines means that there is air.... that makes the water supply to half of the building spotty we learned.  And, our building is HUGE so it took until about 4pm for the place to heat up.

So thankful people were willing to keep an extra layer on.  We are hoping that glitch is fixed.  

Speaking of glitches.... our printers decided to just no work.  both of them. just as we were finishing lunch.  So if you were there and saw me frantically poking at tablets and going back and forth and back and forth and back and forth.... that was me in a panic trying not to cry (or curse out loud) and get our printers back up and running.  And we got one of the two we had working so .... I'll take it.

All weekend was a learning process - the kitchen learning the menu and working together.  The front staff learning how to use the new system and also showing me what I forgot.  In a moment of sheer frustration and exhaustion this weekend Darin just looks at me, smiles and says "welcome to the Restaurant business dear".  What a welcome.  

Speaking of welcome - we even had two girls start their very first jobs this weekend.  In addition to our staff in the front and in the kitchen we have a group of young local kids who will help keep the place running smoothly getting things stocked, dishes done, coffee made and our patrons seated.  Speaking of staff....let me tell you - what an amazing group.  Rolled with the punches, adapted when needed, overcome and just....got things done.  

And from the reviews our staff rocked it!!!

And we will keep working on the glitches.  And we thank you for your patience.

What we hope, is that you don't notice the glitches as much as we do...and that the food is good, and hot, and the beer is cold.  And that the deep fried ice cream still puts a smile on everyone's face.  Who knew the coldest weekend of the year and we'd run out of ice cream - thankfully the local grocery store stocked us up!

Cheers - Linda