In addition to a coat of paint we decided that we would like make a few changes to the way the place is laid out…including changing the direction of traffic into the building!!

Previously, patrons entered by the private room and restaurant entrance.  We plan to have the majority of entrances happening off the patio directly into the pub – a big change!  Of course we will have lots of signs around to direct traffic until it becomes obvious. 

The Pub will be open for breakfast until late, with the restaurant side opening for lunch and dinner seven days a week.  We also want to have live music in the pub some evenings and would prefer that the din of the pub not disturb the diners in the restaurant – so a new division of the pub and restaurant was created with the help of some French doors.  Hard to imagine I’m sure – but you will just have to come see for yourself!

The pub specifically will also get a little facelift with a new bartop to encourage people to come sit and chat with our bartender and a change to the sight-line to the door.  In addition to the 3 TVs available to show various sports – or watch Compass and check out Boomer’s weather forecast – there will be a variety of board and card games available at the bar to encourage conversation and some fun. 

Thankfully our amazing crew has been instrumental in taking my thoughts and ramblings and making them a reality.

We are really happy with how everything has been shaping up and can’t wait to welcome you!  Come for a drink, come for some food, come to hang out and play crib.  Just come see us!