Hi, It's Megan! A new voice on the blog...

Well, I'd just like to start this blog of with a HUGE "HALLELUJAH"......

As you all know we have had a few frustrating days dealing with printers and computers but I must say this amazing team Darin has hired stepped up to the plate and got things done when times were stressful.

But my main reason for writing this post is that  I  want to thank one particular person that really step her game up for Darin in a time in need and that's his wonderful partner in crime Linda. Thanks to  Linda's  determination we now have computers and PRINTERS that both work. So our hats off to you Linda great job you truly are awesome at whatever comes your way.

So with that said......here we go.....lets get this adventure started!
Welcome to Lot 45

Megan :)

About the Author- Megan Clinton

Megan (McAree) Clinton is one of Lot45's amazing servers. She is a Mom, a full time student and part time worker at Colville Manor....oh, and she also happens to be a sister to Darin!