So as things move along we realize that people have had many questions about Lot 45 and we are more than happy to answer them. 

Here are the most often asked questions so far:

1. Will we be open late?
The plan is this: Open at 7, close around midnight(if there are people around we will serve until 2 am).   The pub will be open the whole time. The restaurant side will open up for lunch and supper - or when we find we are busiest. 

2. Why divide the area?
By dividing the space we can stay open later to serve the community.  It also means that if restaurant patrons aren't too keen on the music in the pub, there will be a bit of a sound break!

3. What's on the menu?
We will actually have 3 menus - breakfast, main menu and pub/late night.  The menus themselves will be small but we will have daily specials that rotate through so we can offer many options.

4. Will there be chowder?
Yes.  Initially, it was going to be a "special" for Fridays. ...but due to popular demand, it will be on the menu.

5. Will there be gluten free items?
Yes.  We will stock a gluten free bun/bread option so most of our meals can be made gluten free.  We will make notations on the menu of what is available gluten free.

6.  What beer will we serve?
On tap - Upstreet and Moosehead.  In the fridge, there will be Schooner. And a lot of different options until we are certain of what works best. But there will be Schooner.

7. Will there be ALC machines?
That will be determined by ALC.

8.  What will the private rooms be used for? Will the restaurant close for functions?

The limits of the private room are few - there are likely to be art parties and big family dinners.  The banquet room can be used for many different types of functions - kids birth parties, large business meetings, bus tours etc.  We do not intend to close the pub or restaurant during private functions.  (Although there would not likely be a function in the private room AND banquet room at the same time).  Please call 902-687-3908 to reserve.

9.  Will you be open and serving food late into the evening to accommodate hockey teams post game?

10. Do you have to go to the restaurant to find out the specials?
Follow us on social media - they will be posted daily.

We are looking forward to the next few weeks and plan to be open before the end of February!!

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Cheers - Linda