Well as I have said before I do not have a history in the restaurant business – unless you include eating out … then my waistline will attest to the fact that I do enjoy my meals! 

One of my favorite things about going into a new spot is the feeling that a place gives you when you walk into it.  Originally, walking into the building I didn’t get the feeling I was hoping for with this new venture.

I see Lot 45 as a place where people can go, relax, enjoy the pub or patio or sit and have a meal with their family.  I often head off to Basin Head in the summer to enjoy the sights and I wanted to make the place feel like a part of the landscape. 

So off to the paint store I went to try and find a colour palate that would evoke the feelings of calm, natural PEI landscape. 

We elicited the help of A1 Painting and Seamfilling, called in my favorite painter (my Dad).  Josh and Denton from A1 seam filled and cut in for us and then Darin, Dad and I spent an entire weekend just rolling….and rolling….and rolling…. (and maybe a little impromptu singing and dancing along to the radio and eating some amazing food my Mom sent along with us).  14 hours, 3 painters, 8 gallons of paint…. and the home crew are done and A1 – Josh and Denton – will happily fill in the gaps and make it a place that we can all enjoy!

I can already feel a change to the place and can’t wait to welcome you all to see the changes!  -Linda