Somehow February got by me and we are now well into March….I would wonder how this happened but I have learned to admit that I have a very busy life and sometimes things just go by the wayside.

Lots of updates this blog.

First, we are now open 7 days a week again, which can only mean one thing – Spring is on the Way!!!  This also means that we have had our doors open for one full year.  So many lessons learned this year that I thought that I might share some with you – but first let me get to the important updates…

This weekend there is a big tournament (hockey) and we have a few large groups coming in, please be patient with us but if you would like the team to come for a meal give us a heads up and we will work to find you some room!

Did you know you can upgrade your Shipwheel Platter from regular fries to Sweet Potato fries for $2.25!  Have you seen that the BBQ Chicken Nachos, naked wings, and hamburger steak and onions are now on the menu every day?!?!

BBQ nachos.jpg

Burger love starts NEXT WEEK!!! Over Easter weekend we will be open on Friday and Monday so you can get your burger fix!  As soon as we can let you in on the secret, we certainly will!

Good Friday coincides with the Marshall Eastman tournament – on that day, in addition to our amazing burger love burger, will be putting on an amazing special for tournament participants and Billy White will be playing!

Billy White.jpg

Speaking of Specials…Starting in April look for Fiesta Fridays – Fajitas and Margaritas on special every Friday! Looking for a bit of a hangover cure?  Ceasars will be $5 on Sundays (and yes, you can have one at breakfast).  Saturdays as always our Steak and Side is $6.99. Also be on the look-out for some new desserts J

Ok, now onto some of our lessons learned in the last year.  So we learned that Souris is hopping in the summer and quiet in the winter…which means that we will put into effect seasonal hours for this coming year.  We still plan to be open year round but just as soon we will lengthen our hours, look for them to shrink in September. 

We learned that the building we are in is tough to heat.  Well, that is probably the understatement of the year.  We struggled all winter with the heat, needed to do some renovations, needed to have workers in, dealt with frozen pipes, customers in coats and cold zones.  We had portable heaters and the heat cranked for a lot of the winter.  We appreciate the contribution of Chris Cahill and Cahill Construction for the loan of their heaters.  We are told the issues are fixed and this will not be problem next year – of course, we haven’t had a cold enough snap to test that theory yet so we shall see.  But we are toasty warm now.

There have been a few instances this past year that have taught me that sometimes, when something out of the ordinary happens, we sometimes just freeze and don’t know exactly what to do.  People unfortunately sometimes forget to live by the golden rule and treat others the way they want to be treated.  I want my staff to know that we are behind them 100%.  We encourage our staff to speak up and speak out so that everyone is treated how they should be at all times.

The biggest lesson this year I think is that we have some amazing regulars and we are very thankful for their continued patronage. 

Lookout Summer 2018!!