We know half of the joy of eating out is spending time with people you enjoy and not having to clean up after!  Someone asked me recently how to eat out if you are on a diet that isn’t considered consistent with what your restaurant is known for.  So, here are some of the facts:

Our burgers are 5 oz of beef, made in house, with some spices, Our Steaks are 6 oz, Our Chicken breasts are 5 oz – all weights are before being cooked.  Knowing if you weigh your meat before or after you eat is important (all meat shrinks as it cooks some).  You can always ask for extra protein (add beef/chicken or two steaks), for a charge of course.

All of our salads have cheese on them (but that can be held if you aren’t allowed cheese).  Spinach, Greek or Garden are your best bets, but you can ask for Caesar without croutons too. 

If you are avoiding carbs:  a side salad is your best bet, with any of our burgers – beef or grilled chicken with no bun, or our steak, or even our pork chops if we have it on special. Any of our platters come with a side salad for an extra charge.

If you can have cheese – ask for almost any of our sandwiches without the bread or the wrap…you will need a knife and fork but we have those!!

If you are craving some fish you can also ASK if you can have pan fried haddock instead of deep fried with no flour – if the kitchen isn’t too busy they are likely to do it for you – but keep in mind if they are elbow deep in the weeds that is a special order that requires more time and attention so they may refuse if it’s not on special that day.

During breakfast hours there’s omelets (you choose your own toppings), the souris slammer – but without any of the carbs – and there is an a la carte menu where you choose your own ingredients.  Our steak and eggs is an all day breakfast that if you don’t have the toast or the potato will work for most high protein diets.  Ask for side tomatoes instead of the potato.

It’s not always easy to keep new years resolutions when we don’t feel like cooking – or want to go out to eat with friends, I hope we can make it a little bit easier. 

Please keep in mind, modifications to recipes require our kitchen to take a little more time and pay a little more attention – which is why there aren’t discounts when you don’t get bread or take off some of the ingredients.  Our servers are always happy to try to help you find something you can eat without breaking your resolutions.

Also, for those who are celiac or those with allergies – our fryers may have traces of gluten or other allergens.

Cheers!  And when you need a cheat day??!! You know where to find us!!!