Happy New Year! As usual, in the new year, we pick up those things that we have been meaning to do and try to do them again…. (at least that is how I now look at resolutions most of the time – something I mean to do all year round but start again at least once a year). Speaking of things I’ve been meaning to do, I have been thinking I need to blog for a while….and I have put it off a few times…but um, yeah, one month turned into two, and fall turned into winter…

In fact there has been a lot of change since that last blog in August – So maybe I will start with an apology – my intent was to blog frequently to talk about what’s going on at the restaurant, what’s new and exciting and feature our staff and our food.  Life got away with me and I honestly had no idea.

jan lot 45 summer.jpg

And maybe that’s the truth of this blog, an outsider looking into what working in a restaurant is really like, or running a restaurant, and what that entails.  I think I let you all know that I had never even worked in a restaurant before this – that’s all Darin – I’ve certainly been part of customer service and had lots of experience dealing with peoples concerns but never food service, or direct management. 

So let me take a minute and look back at all of the things that were going on since this last blog – we had our Staff Party on Labour Day weekend – to thank all of the staff we had over the summer.  By the end of the summer the majority of our staff would be moving on to either school, or new adventures, many off island.  We had to do a bit of a hiring spree in August to fill in the gaps that would be left so at the end of the summer we had turned over well over half of our staff.

That made me curious actually.  We have been open almost 10 months.  And I just counted - we have had 55 different people working for us at one point in time or another.  And what I have learned is that each person who comes in and works for us teaches us something, and my hope is that we have taught them something too. 

burger pic.jpg

September meant back to school, a start to fall hours and bringing back the gunslinger for a month with our new feature – burger of the month!  We also let our cooks get a little more creative now that they had a bit more time and began baking our own desserts so that in addition to our bread pudding we would have a few other selections on the go.  Because it was September, Apple pie and pumpkin pie were big on the list.

October was the Blue Hawaiian and a change up of our Shipwheel Platter.  Everyone mentioned how hard it was to share things in 3, so we bumped a few things up to 4 so it is an easier to share platter!  If you haven’t tried it there’s Mexican nacho dip, potato skins, wings, mozza sticks, onion rings and fries!  A few of our customers choose to poutine their fries and it, like the rest of our menu, is available for take out!


November we took the plunge and decided to hold a big Christmas event – and the dinner theatre at Lot 45 was born!  That is an entire blog in itself so I will hold off on that but needless to say there was a lot of planning, decorating, etc put into it and I am so thankful that some of my staff love to decorate because they were a huge help!  We also brought live music into the pub every Friday night for November and December to help get everyone in the festive spirit.


In addition to the dinner theatre we had a fair number of Christmas parties throughout November and December.  We fancied the place up a bit and were able to provide a great atmosphere for people to come, sit, relax and enjoy.  I don’t think anyone left hungry, and it was great seeing everyone have a good time.

And now…. a new year.  Not yet our one year of being open.  So many lessons learned, challenges overcome, obstacles faced and hurdles jumped…. I will tell you about a few of them over the next week or so.  But for now, know that we are here, open year round still, if we get snow are happy to have snowmobilers for any meal.

For the month of January due to various maintenance issues (and then for consistency) we will be closed on Mondays.  During the week we open at 11am, on the weekends – 9am for breakfast.  We are always available to discuss private parties, groups, and events either during our regular business hours or outside of them. 

Happy 2018.  I hope this finds you happy, healthy and with a bright outlook for the upcoming year – and if one of those isn’t true, I hope that you are moving forward to make those things happen for you and yours.