If you have been in the restaurant or seen the pictures we post, you will notice we have a lot of young staff.  I feel like I need to go around and take a few more pictures lately to introduce you to them.  But Darin and I have a philosophy - that everyone needs to learn somewhere.

I promote this philosophy at my other job by having always been willing to have nurse practitioner students come with me for a semester, or by being willing to train medical students and residents along the way.  Darin has done this by always being willing to hire keen young staff.

We have a large staff - 30 actually - and for most of our hostesses and some of our servers this is their first job, or their first job in a busy restaurant - and in our kitchen we have a few young staff either dish washing, doing prep and working the line. 

Darin and I firmly believe that everyone needs to have a place where they learn the things they need to - how to be part of a work team, do jobs that they don't like, learn how to manage money, deal with working with multiple personalities and the public.

We know that sometimes it becomes an overwhelming environment, and the restaurant business is not for everyone (nor is any service industry).  We have, however, on the whole been very impressed with the can-do attitude of the staff that we have hired, in particular of course, the ones who have stayed.  And in truth, there has been some turnover in the last 6 months, but much more often it's the younger, keen staff who have stayed.

We know that not all of our staff will stay in the industry.  We know that a lot of them are working with us so they can go to school and will move on.  And we are, frankly, ok with that.  In the meantime we only ask that every once in a while our customers remember that the vast majority of our staff are young, they're not jaded and calloused like I am (or like Darin is) and just like the rest of us ... make mistakes.

But wow, are they trying.  And the two of us couldn't be more proud.