Well some summer weather has finally arrived – and our patio furniture has been dragged out of storage, cleaned up and all ready to go…!!

Thankfully we have a staff that is always willing to pitch in, and realizes that sometimes in life you don’t really have a job description!  Everyone helped wash up the furniture and Megan gave it a fresh coat of paint!

Add some mini lights and our deck is transformed!

Speaking of transformed…even to my non-green thumbed eyes the gardens needed a little work…!  Unfortunately landscapers are incredibly busy this time of year and it would be well into the season before they could even consider giving us some colour and tidy up the incredible weeds.  As I lamented this at the bar one evening Velvet pipes up and tells me she loves to garden.  A little discussion later and we have plans for the next week to get this project started!


And well, wasn’t Saturday an absolutely lovely day weather wise.  With Velvet’s supervision and direction every hostess, a couple of the waitresses and our chief bottle washer and frequent sous-chef Riley all agreed to play in the dirt.  Our beds got weeded, turned over, defined with better edging and after a quick trip to the nursery our beds and a couple of pots now have flowers and mulch and things are looking much more tidy and colourful!  Great job by everyone involved!!  (I will be honest, I mostly directed traffic, but Darin lugged tons of dirt!)

We’ve certainly had a number of guests use the deck now and we look forward to many lovely deck days for the summer of 2017!