We have been open just over 2 months and while there have been some hiccups I think we are, for the most part, getting it right.

A big part of that is our commitment to fresh food.

Now I will be honest.  We do not make our fries in house - and we have our fair share of deep fried goodness that is pre prepared... but when you order your fish and chips, we take the fish, batter it and fry it right then and there. 


Our club sandwiches are made with bread from Seaside Bakery, just up the road, and turkeys that we have cooked in our ovens.  You'll find that turkey in our hot turkey sandwiches and of course when the special is turkey dinner!

The Philly Cheese Steak?  We slice a roast and portion off our meats.  Cooked fresh when you want it, on the flat top with onion and provolone.

The Big Kahuna - we marinated that chicken breast in our own creation and cook it when you order it. And if you love that chicken but don't feel like a burger... try the rio grande wrap - it's there as well!

Our beef dip and hot beef sandwiches are made with in house roasted beef.  If you like your roast beef a little more well done, just make sure the kitchen knows - admittedly Darin likes his beef rare and forgets sometimes that some people want things well done!!

I can attest that I have watched our kitchen staff make our coleslaw, mash our potatoes, bake the bread pudding, roll ice cream in that amazing crunchy topping and create amazing soups the way you do at home - using what we have in the cooler to make a great tasting soup.  And those in house turkeys and the roasted beef- that becomes stock and that stock makes our gravy. 

Our hamburgers - each 5 oz patty is made in our kitchen.  Seasoned in our kitchen, and fried when you order it.  (And trust me, after burger love every member of our kitchen has made more 5 oz patties than they care to count!)

Why does that matter?  Many places pre-cook or half cook their and finish it up when needed - it makes it a little faster to get stuff out of the kitchen but we believe it doesn't taste as good.

Admittedly, it does mean that sometimes, every once in a while, things won't be exactly perfect - but if it's not, let us know, we will fix it. 

I have never worked in a restaurant before this, and I had no idea how much work and consideration actually went into the food that ends up on my plate before I eat it.  I am incredibly proud of Darin and what he has accomplished with this menu, the kitchen, the food.... I honestly love eating at Lot 45.

A couple of the waitresses and I were chatting the other day - we realized that none of us had actually gotten through the whole menu.  We get sidetracked by the specials or drawn in by our favorites.  Each of the girls has something that they LOVE and order over and over and over again.

And we have our regulars - which we love seeing - who try new things but still go back to their favorites. 

I hope that over the next few months if you haven't checked us out yet, you will come by and see why we believe that fresh is best.

Cheers - Linda