I figure it's beyond time to introduce you to our staff who have been hard working for the last 51 days - yup, we've been open 51 days now and got through burger love!

We currently have a staff of 25 - and will need more for the summer!  A full 10 are missing from pictures - either well deserved days off or recovering from setting day - a number of our staff also are working fisher men and women.

There are the hostesses - a group of young girls who are happy to seat you and get you anything that you need - and when needed jump in and clean, wash dishes, mop floors, answer the phones and take take out orders!

Dakota and Shea, a hostess and a waitress, are available for our francophone guests. Sarah Jane (another hostess, not pictured) also speaks french.

Our front of house staff are a mix of new servers and experienced ones. We have thrown a lot of new processes and technology at them and they have performed admirably.

We also have an amazing back of house staff that has taken everything we have thrown at them - including a popular burger for burger love only 21 days into the business. 

boh staff.JPG

This crew, including the ones who aren't pictured, are the heart and soul of what makes Lot 45 run - and we are so proud of all of their hard work and dedication and look forward to the coming summer season.