I've been getting some feedback about the blog - mostly good but some would like me to stick to talking about the food . . .  but the truth is I don't cook the food, I eat it and say if I like it, but I don't make those decisions - maybe I will try to get Darin to write something (but I wouldn't hold your breath he's not exactly a sharing kind of fella....!)

I also need to apologize - we were not prepared for the number of people who would be wanting gift certificates - we ran out for a week and a bit but we are fully stocked now and they are available for sale.

Anyway....onto today.  The snow is finally melting. People are switching over their tires.  The lobster traps are down at the wharf ready for loading and the dog regularly rolls in something absolutely questionable. And we are almost finished April - the end of burger love and the start of the spring/summer season!  

We are working on some seafood updates for the menu.  We are adding 2 new on tap offerings from the Pumphouse in Moncton - a wonderful crisp radler (the Crafty Radler) and their Blueberry Ale.  We now have chocolate ice cream and are getting in ice cream cones for our kids meals.

We also took a look at the deck furniture this weekend and are going to get it all polished up and shining for the deck.  We have also started plans for the flower beds and some colour!  Although truth be told my green thumb is rather black so we will be getting some help with that one!  The picnic tables will be set out on the lawn for anyone wanting to have take out or bring their pooch and hang out.  The patio is fully licensed and will have full service - basically once we are set up and there are people who want to sit on the deck!

I don't know if you've seen Darin walking around lately with his Lot 45 hat, but if you would like one you just need to connect with Darin at the restaurant.  They're flexfit so s/m or l/xl and cost $30.   Over the coming months we will get some T-Shirts as well to sell - if there is something in particular you would love to have with our logo on it, talk to Darin and we may be able to make that happen!

We have been blown away by all of the support we have gotten so far from not only the community of Souris but all of Kings County.  We are looking forward to an amazing summer filled with beach days and patio evenings!!!

Anything you are curious about?  Just ask  

Cheers - Linda