So here at Lot 45 we love our burgers.  In fact, a best-seller has emerged from our menu, and it is the Lot 45 Bacon Double Cheeseburger - and as many will attest, it is wonderful.  In addition to that burger there is our standard hamburger platter that you can make your own, and our mountain man that a few brave souls have attempted and conquered.

However, for one month a year, PEI becomes even MORE burger crazy than we are normally.

Starting March 31 for the entire month of April it is Burger Love. Restaurants all across PEI create a feature burger for the month of April - patrons come, eat the burger, vote on the best, and you get bragging rights for the year!

The burgers are made with fresh island beef, have a cost limit and are limited only by your imagination! 

lot45 burger 1.jpg

The competition is also a bit like fight club.  We created and submitted our burger in January....but we can not talk about it until Friday when we can serve it.  I'm sorry.'s good.  Really good.

When I moved here, the thing that struck me is that everyone participated... from Frosty Treat to Sam's ( to Terre Rouge ( to Upstreet Brewery ( - all different styles of restaurants, all different sizes of location - and all very different very inventive creations.

Last year there was 73....this year even more!  How many will you try?!?!?

We are excited to be part of this year's burger and even more excited that there are THREE restaurants participating in Souris. (Bluefin restaurant, 21 Breakwater and us) We will be a destination!!!

Remember to vote for your favorites!  But really, just come and enjoy a great burger!!