Hello Everyone!

I'm writing this on the first day of spring.... and with the layer of snow we got last night it does not look like the crocuses will be blooming at all... unlike my lovely friends and family on the west coast who posted photos of putting their gardens in - could you imagine!  

So I wanted to give you a little sneak peek into some of the decisions we made and how things are going....

First off, our staff - amazing.  We actually ended up not being able to do half the training we wanted to do so we just let them go at it....and for the vast majority of the time we are getting nothing but rave reviews about our service.

We have been busy - and I mean busy!  And we know that with Burger Love just around the corner that is about to be doubled down!!  We are in the process of hiring more staff and working on getting our staffing mixes just right.

We love getting reservations, and if you have a large group that is very helpful...even when I mess up and seat someone at a table that was supposed to be for a reservation.  Seriously.  I think half the glitches that happen in service right now is because I'm trying to help out and I should probably stick to Nursing.  (Oh well, in for a penny, in for a pound)

Speaking of getting things just not quite right - the pub entrance is proving to have it's ups and downs.  It works wonderfully for when we have only a few staff on and just have the pub open.  But we keep forgetting to take the chalkboard in from 11 am - 8 pm when our restaurant is open and being seated.  Please if you are coming in and are sitting in the restaurant just let our staff know that the chalkboard is still outside.  That should fix some of our bottlenecks!

We love getting your messages with feedback.  And I appreciate that people are so willing to come back and give us another chance.  Our top priority right now is great service and wonderful food.  I know we are still having some timing issues in the kitchen and there are going to be a million other little things that have to get ironed out too.

With the addition of some new people, we are hoping that we will be a little more prepared for the Marshall Eastman tournament coming.  There will be live entertainment one of the nights (I just can't remember what one right now....I'll let you know) and we will be able to offer our Burger Love burger Friday the 31st!  If you think the house burger is good now....just you wait!  And as usual, takeout will be available.

We appreciate everyone's patience as we go through these growing pains!  In the meantime, if it's busy, grab some cards and a crib board and settle in for a bit.

Cheers - Linda