Opening a restaurant has been a really interesting eye opening process for me.  All of it has been quite foreign. 

I don't think I ever put much thought into what happens when I order....and then get my order, and pay.  Looking at the processes required to go from inventory to finished product and service plus getting all of those bills paid - it's much more complex than I would have thought.

Ideally, the system you use to input your orders would also help track your sales and inventory and well... about 100 other things I never thought of.

When we took over the building there was a POS System in place.... however quite quickly we realized it would not meet our needs and we would have to look at replacing it, likely within the first year of opening.

And then it snowed, and we got delayed.  But in the meantime, we were hooked up with a wonderfully innovative accounting firm (BAGE Tax & Accounting) and they found a potential solution for our POS woe's.  And so, in a week, we have managed to get a new POS system in place and a menu inputted.   (Now to figure out getting things printed where we want them to print.....the next hurdle)

And did you know that each supplier of toilet paper, soap and paper towel has different dispensers?  And that putting up and taking down dispensers is well...a test of patience would be the mildest way I could describe it. 

Of course this is all with kitchen cleanup, bar set up, cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning, supplier deliveries, trips to town to pick stuff up, drop stuff off..... etc.

Things are progressing at an amazing rate.  We have a wonderful staff that I hope to introduce to you soon.

And as soon as our liquor license is in place (which happens just after our health inspection clears) we will be able to get food in, and then... open!

I know we haven't announced a date yet.  It's because we want our liquor license in place first.  As soon as we have that, we will set the date.

Cheers - Linda