This past Weekend, a crew of us were working on the little things - and a few not so little things....because last week was a write off on PEI. 

None of our finishing trades were able to get in and our liquor license is on hold until a few more check marks are made on the to do list. 

Like the dishwasher at the bar (which we just found out can't be finished for at least 2 weeks).

Or the cleaning of the kitchen which has become a much bigger job than anticipated, although there is light at the end of that tunnel.

Happily the painting is done and minus a few touches so is the construction.  Huge thanks again to Josh from A1 Painting and Seamfilling and Chris from Cahill Construction for coordinating everything and bring our dreams to life.

The banquet room is set up for its first function. The private room is ready to go. New signs are up.

We are really proud of how it is all coming together, and we are getting there....just not for the date we wanted to be, and unfortunately it will be into March before everything is done and dusted.

I promise that once we have a set date you all will know.

Cheers - Linda