We're close.

But for today:

Snow, snow, snow....

So deciding to open a restaurant in February with a 6-week deadline from start to open is an exceedingly ambitious goal.  There are deliveries to be received, cleaning and maintenance to be done, repairs, staff hiring, vendor visits, inspections... all things that require roads to be clear and the ability to get from one place to another on the day scheduled.

And on PEI. In winter.  In Souris.  Which really...we live in Montague, and while I had heard that Souris is its own weather system... it really is its own weather system!!  And as I sit here now watching flakes start to fall for the second storm in the last 4 days... I worry a bit about delays... and then I see that winter storms aren't done this week....!!

Everyone is asking when we will open - and to be honest, this is why we didn't (and haven't) set a hard and fast date for opening.  Our goal is to be open by the end of this month.  But mother nature (and the health board/liquor commission) need to be in full cooperation with that timeline.

We are getting very excited to be able to open our doors and serve you lots of great food and cold beer.

May just need to shovel out first.

Cheers - Linda