In creating the concept of Lot 45, we hope it's evident that local is important to us.  And as such we want to source local ingredients when we are able and support local businesses.  Our owner and chef isn't really a drinker so he offered to drive around his partner and a couple of friends on a nice Saturday in January to do some drink testing.... difficult gig!

Our first stop was a winery & distillery that had some rumored tasty wines for the bar!!  So tasty in fact they sold out!  Matos Winery & Vineyards ( was a great stop on the tour.  Jim's passion for wine and spirits and the importance of flavour is contagious.  The flavour of their Angelica, Anisette and Bagaco are well worth the trip! We hope to feature a few of their products as we open and they are available. 

The microbrewery scene on PEI is going through an exciting phase with a number of fantastic, well established, island breweries and more on the way.  And while we will stock some of the local favorites *cough*Schooner*cough* we wanted to put something with PEI flavour on tap.  We stopped into Upstreet Brewery ( and got schooled in beer by Ian who enjoys the products and has a passion for the products Upstreet creates.  There was a beer for every taste and we enjoyed trying all of their flagships and a couple of seasonal options as well!!  We are excited to be featuring Upstreet as our craft brew on tap and will carry a number of their bottles for more options than draught.

Our last stop of the day was Myriad View Distillery ( - home of Strait Shine® and this place was fantastic!  Ken proved to all of us that a Shine Toddy doesn't have to burn - in fact all of us finished our drinks to the last drop.  We also left knowing so much more about not just shine and lightening but also vodka, rum, whiskey, gin, brandy, and pastis.  In addition to being able to share a Hot ShineÒ Toddy with you all, we will have a number of drinks on the menu that will feature Myriad View Distillery products.

It was a tough job but the bar/drink menu is starting to shape up!  Our goal is not only being able to find local wines, beers and alcohols here but also ensuring that the drinks taste great!  --Linda